May 2015 :

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Bella Heathcote - currently filming "Neon Demon" with Keanu Reeves and Elle Fanning. "Pride and Predjudice and Zombies" will be released on 5th Feb '16

Tom E Lewis - currently filming "Goldstone" a western outback thriller, (with Jackie
Weaver) written & directed by Ivan Sen.

Rodney Afif - supporting role of Officer Magda in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Zahra Newman - recently filmed the role of Dana Roberson in the feature film "Truth" (with Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford)

Kate Atkinson - series regular (Vera Bennett) in "Wentworth" screening on SoHo & Channel 5 UK

Charlotte Nicdao Rachel Osaka in " Childhood's End" , US miniseries.  Also the voice of Baby in the animated series, Koo Koo Harjuku (working title) for Network Ten.

Hannah Monson - series regular (Kirstie) in ABC's new series "Glitch"

Ra Chapman - recurring guest star (Michell Kim) in "Neighbours"

Dave Serafin - recurring guest star (Dennis Dimato) in "Neighbours"


Stage 2015:

Daniel Frederiksen - Mr Wormwood in"Matilda the Musical", opens 20th July Sydney

Zahra Newman - currently in rehearsals for "Love and Information", STC & Malthouse co-production.

Zoy Frangos - Feuilly, also covers: Enjolras/Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables", currently at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

Kate Atkinson - "The Waiting Room", MTC, opens 21st May.

Nick Kong - "Anything Goes", opens 18th May in Melbourne.

Nelson Gardner - lead role of Ned in "Ned, An Ordinary Man, An Extraordinary Legend" opens 22nd May

Carina Waye - "Peppa Pig" International Tour

Glaston Toft - Gladhand in "West Side Story" opens 11th July in Melbourne

Sophie Weiss - "Sound of Music" will go into rehearsals in November.





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